How To Play The Guitar Like Legendary Carlos Santana

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How To Play The Guitar Like Legendary Carlos Santana

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Any person who has attempted to play lead guitar in the tradition of Carlos Santana can determine how difficult it is usually to duplicate. I am not consulting copying a Santana solo develops from a TAB sheet, we’re referring to understanding how Carlos creates his powerful solos.

Where Do I Start To Play Like Carlos Santana?

First start by finding a line of Santana Hats to wear for every jam session. Santana’s powerful solos absolutely are a synthesis of interesting harmonic textures mixed with traditional earthy scales. In fact, there’s much more to Carlos Santana’s music than scales and chords, Carlos is a very definite guitarist, every note he plays is packed with energy and emotion.

Guitarist’s trying to learn Santana’s guitar solos often encounter notes and chords outside the standard guitar resource material of minor pentatonic scale plus power chord combination.

Realize that everybody has a particular playing style, and certainly Carlos Santana it provides a signature sound that’s instantly recognizable. While you might never be Carlos, you may incorporate some of his approach within your own playing.

santana hats

Timing, timing, timing
There is certainly an adage in shelf space: various most essential things are “location, location, location.” An identical analysis can be done about Santana’s guitar style: the three most important facets are timing, timing, and timing.

You should know that, most of Santana’s famous solos – Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Evil Ways, Europa, Smooth – are contains the reliable old pentatonic (or “blues”) scale, generate few extra notes thrown in for color. But an enormous a part of what determines those solos so memorable is the best way Carlos plays using the timing.

Most players lay their notes into predictable grooves: quarter notes, eighth notes, 32nd note triplets, etc. But Santana will both “anticipate” (play early) and delay (play late) his notes, organising phrasing that is both unexpected and compelling.

In a problem to capture the believe that he delivers naturally, you might have to “force it” at first. But after a while, some of the off-time sense may begin to creep inside of own solos.

That magic sustain
Ah, we all know the notes that never end. A “secret,” though: without a unique technique, it’s virtually not possible to make notes last forever, as Santana does. How does he accomplish this seemingly magical sustain? Several factors.

1) You have a heavy-bodied guitar with good natural sustain, in addition to humbucking pickups which will enhance it.

2) You do need an overdriven amp that offers a rich, saturated distortion. It does not have to have to is most certainly Mesa Boogie – lot’s of amplifiers today offer that kind of overdriven sound.

3) Most significant of most, you have to choose the “sweet spot.” Huh? Turn your amp as much as performance volume, than hold a unique note, and take a walk around until you find the exact place in the room exactly where the note will feed back sufficient to keep going, but insufficient amounts of to “squeal.” Mark that spot with tape, and stand there after you want a nonstop note. There are you have the Santana secret.

It’s due to balance
Carlos’ solos work in two ways: they be on its own as strong melodic statements, they usually perfectly complement the accompaniment. Sounds simple, nevertheless it’s a challenge to do.

Imagine trick, though: Record a solo over the rhythm track. Gets it fit the groove no matter what the song? Work effectively with the chord progression? Great. Now, listen without ANY other parts. Does your solo STILL have movement and power? If not, keep finessing it until it works with the biographical AND on its own. Try this, and you may commence to capture among the musical genius that has made Carlos Santana such a legend.

Learning new scales and chords could be very interesting, it is vitally important to find a way to “hear” these new sounds, record the chord progressions and pay close attention to how each chord sounds so you could recognize them once you hear them new time.

The Santana sort of playing will add a brand new dimension to your guitar playing and improve the power to play guitar by ear, don’t be in a hurry and enjoy these interesting sounds.