How To Prevent Bad Carpet Cleaning Service

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How To Prevent Bad Carpet Cleaning Service

Posted in : Local Services on by : Raymond

Have you been ‘burned’ by a bad carpet cleaner in the past?

Were you tricked into paying a “hidden service charge”- possibly without even knowing it?

Did your carpets take forever to dry after cleaning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
you’re not alone.

Many ‘carpet cleaners’ out there want to
take advantage of you.

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-You’ve got fly-by-night type guys with no insurance
at all (good luck getting them to return if a spot comes back)…

-You’ve got ‘big name’ companies offering 30 and
even 40% off- but they’ve got a hidden SERVICE CHARGE
to make up for it!

Most of these guys have one goal: to get in and
out as fast as possible. That’s it.
Quick buck, out the door.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. is different.

You get:

-Honest, up-front pricing.
-Experienced lead technicians with many years of
experience on the front lines of carpet cleaning.

Here is our carpet cleaning process:

-We will precondition your carpet by evenly spraying
it with a safe high alkaline cleaning solution.
-Next we use gentle agitation to ‘work in’ the cleaning
agents, maximizing their effectiveness.
-After this, we rinse the carpet using the hottest water
safe for the carpet fiber- usually at over 200 degrees!
-This careful rinsing ensures that your carpet is
free from chemicals and ‘soapy residue’.
-This is important because if there is soap left behind
it will get dirty again quickly.
-Lastly we will groom the carpet fibers to allow for a
faster drying time and neat appearance.
-If needed, we will place plastic tabs or styrafoam
blocks beneath any furniture we have moved.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. Network  is a truly local carpet cleaning business.

You get to take advantage of our competitive prices, and we never surprise you with a hidden ‘service charge’ that can be higher than your carpet cleaning fee.  If you’re looking for a professional cleaning done by expert carpet cleaners, you’ve come to the right place!

You get the ‘carpet cleaners who care’. 

Our attention to detail is absolutely unsurpassed.  Even the dirt and dust behind your doors and up against your baseboards won’t be overlooked!  

At The  Carpet Cleaning Co., if we can’t get it clean, no one can.

-At The Carpet Cleaning Co., we believe in giving our clients top tier service.

-You deserve to know that your carpets will be cleaned with precise care and attention to detail.

-You need professional carpet cleaners with knowledge and expertise.

-You need reputable people you can turn to when you want your carpets to look, smell and feel ‘fantastic’.

-You get all this and so much more when you choose The Carpet Cleaning Co.

-You get to take advantage of:

  • Flexible, convenient appointment times for your busy schedule
  • Friendly, trusted technicians who guarantee your satisfaction
  • Expert knowledge on cleaning all synthetic & natural fiber carpeting

-With years of combined carpet cleaning experience,
we are proud to say:

“If we can’t get it clean, no one can.”

Do you have:

Cigarette burns or candle wax burns?
Dog or cat scratches in one or more doorways?

We can patch these areas so that no one will ever know what happened.  We cut out the damaged area, and replace it with a piece from a remnant or the back of a closet. The patch is lined up to match the nap direction of the carpet around it, and then set in place using heat activated seam adhesion tape.

Bleach spots or other chemical burn spots?

We can dye most spots back to the shade of the carpet. We can even dye oriental rugs and intricately patterned carpets.

Spots are rinsed, neutralized, and then dyed.  Color repair involves building colors on top of what has been left behind after the chemical fiber damage occurred.

Wrinkles in your carpet?

Not only do these look bad, they are a safety hazard.  Children and the elderly are especially likely to trip and fall over humps in the carpet.

On top of that, when you walk on the wrinkles, eventually this will cause ‘delamination’. This term means that the primary and secondary backings of your carpet have separated.  This is an irreversible condition.

Typically carpet wrinkles are caused by poor installation. A common scenario is that too much carpet is placed in a room and then tucked around the edges. When this happens, the carpet along the walls bubbles up just slightly, and the carpet backing isn’t able to hook onto the tack strip as it should. The result?  Usually, one or more wrinkles somewhere in the room.

We fix this condition by loosening the carpet along an edge and then using a tool called a power stretcher to pull the wrinkles out.  The excess carpet is then cut off, and the correctly cut and stretched carpet is reattached to the tack strip and tucked just beneath the baseboard.

Contact us today to fix your carpet’s problem areas!