How to Remove Pet Dander, Odor & Carpet Stains

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How to Remove Pet Dander, Odor & Carpet Stains

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We all adore pets plus the enjoyment they provide, however they occasionally have accidents. When these accidents are not cleaned and removed quickly a person can wind up with a little unpleasant odors which are really difficult to eliminate and increase the risk for same pets to return to the pimple of the accident. That’s the reason you have to take advantage of our odor removal experts to eradicate deep penetrating odors. The CarpetMan has got the expertise and professional carpet cleaning solutions to eliminate complex odor problems at very low way to obtain the problem.

Light to Moderate

In this case the pet urinated on the rug only once in each spot. The urine will avoid permeated deep down from your carpets and into the pad and sub flooring. In this instance, we treat the contaminated areas topically with a two part system to try and alleviate both the stain and of course the odor. This is leading to a deep soil carpet extraction.

Moderate to Severe

This can be a when the pet has repeatedly gone in the same location. Your floor backing, pad, and floor have been saturated by urine. When the carpet is dry enough you can start to feel the sticky, oily residue left on the carpet surface. Contamination with this level requires several more steps.

Carpet Cleaning Dirt

We know the way tough it’s going to be to keep your carpet wash and protected against life’s every single day dirt, dust and spills. We provide a professional, safe, and non-toxic carpet cleaning professionals solution that removes the toughest deep within dirt and difficult to eradicate stains. We pre-spray an emulsifier that breaks up the soil that makes it easy to remove. This is developing to a transparent-water rinse restoring your carpets to some neutral PH level. Powerful suction simply not only removes the deepest dirt and stains but extracts virtually all of the moisture for a very quick drying time.

Carpet Protection

The Carpet Cleaning Co. offers only the perfect in carpet and fabric protection. DuPont Teflon Advanced protects your investment lengthening the life of your carpet. Teflon repels dirt and spills making it easier to look after your carpet. Teflon is the perfect soil protection for every type of carpet and it is safe around family and pets. DuPont Teflon Advanced delivers its protection by forming a molecular shield around each carpet fiber. The shield lowers the surface energy of your floor fibers causing them into repel liquid spills in addition to dust and dirt. This helps maintain dirt and stains from being ground in or absorbed via the fibers. Teflon is applied with air sprayers to make sure that every fiber is evenly coated. DuPont Teflon Advanced Protection is undetectable and does not change the appearance or texture of your floor or fabrics. It furnishes the superior protection you would expect.

Our certified and licensed organizations or technicians use a method called Hot Water Extraction” or “Steam Cleaning.” The temperature of the fluids will come to be extremely hot reaching over 200 degrees F. A superb spray of water is designed to interrupt-up dirt deep within in your carpets which is certainly developing to a vacuum opening that immediately sucks up the fluids facing the sprayer. Soil and water are recovered from the carpet by our powerful vacuums and deposited right into a self-enclosed holding tank. This way no dirty water is ever utilized in the cleaning. This type of carpet cleaning professionals can be executed develops from a truck-mounted unit, stationed in the offline world, using a hose and floor tool or by a transportable system that may reach anywhere in your home and coming from a story of your rent amount building.